Nematodes for Grub Control

Think all insects are pests? Think again! There are lots of worms and bugs that are beneficial to your lawn and garden. One such insect is the nematode. Nematodes are nature’s way to control European chaffers and lawn grubs, safely, naturally, and effectively. One nematode treatment from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help protect your lawn for an entire year, resulting in a lush, fertile yard.

What is a Nematode?
Nematodes, commonly referred to as “beneficial nematodes” or “predatory nematodes,” are microscopic worms that live in the top layers of soil. These tiny worms carry a potent bacterium that, when released into the soil, infects common lawn pests, specifically grubs. These bacteria break down the internal structure of the host, often destroying the grub within 48 hours. Beneficial nematodes can be used to treat a wide variety of lawn parasites – nearly 200! Nematodes have also been proven to kill these pests in their larval state, helping protect your lawn from future outbreaks.

Protect Your Lawn with a Nematode Treatment
Beneficial nematodes are the most effective when applied to a well irrigated lawn. The professionals at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa recommend applying nematodes to an infected lawn in the late summer or early fall. This is when lawn grubs or larvae are the most vulnerable. One application of beneficial nematodes is often enough to rid your lawn of detrimental grubs. The tiny worms begin to work on contact, killing grubs completely within a 48 hour period. A liberal application of beneficial nematodes can help control these invasive insects as well. Nematodes treatments are effective against gnats, weevils, cutworms, and several species of wood borers.

Know When to Apply a Nematode Treatment
A nematode treatment can restore the look and feel of your lawn by restoring the organic balance of your turf and soil. Nematodes do this by removing parasites that are feeding on and destroying precious grass blades. Not sure how to tell whether your lawn has been infected by harmful grubs? Signs of grub infestations are normally easy to spot – simply look for patches of brown and wilting grass. Take a close look at the underside of these areas and you should be able to see white grubs feeding on the fragile grass roots.

Nematodes are a safe, natural way to help protect your lawn from harmful parasites and persistent grubs. For more information on nematode treatments, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa by phone at 613-699-0768. Not sure if a nematode treatment will benefit your lawn? Then contact Nutri-Lawn for a free onsite consultation of your unique property.