8 Secrets to a Great Lawn

Want to turn your lawn into an outdoor oasis? Let Nutri-Lawn Ottawa show you how! Our eight step lawn care system is specially designed to provide our clients with a lush, healthy yard, free of weeds and resistant to pests. Make your yard the envy of your neighbourhood – follow Nutri-Lawn’s eight secrets to exceptional lawn care today!

  1. Use Balanced Applications of Nutrients
    Proper lawn maintenance is a continual process. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa recommends treating your yard with nutrients-enriched fertilizers every 6 to 8 weeks in order to ensure that your property receives the necessary nutrients. All living things need nutrients to sustain growth, and your lawn is no exception.
  2. Practice Annual Core Aeration
    Your lawn needs to breathe in order to stay healthy.  Help improve the air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere with an annual core aeration procedure . This will also help reduce puddles from forming on your property, protecting your yard from turfgrass rotting and unsightly patching.
  3. Always Overseed
    Want to wake up to a lush beautiful lawn this summer? Then don’t forget to spread some Ottawa blend seed every spring. Spring is the perfect time to introduce new grass varieties into your lawn. Overseed your property and you’ll enjoy a greener, thicker turf that’s resistant to weeds, insects, and common diseases. 
  4. Spread Organics Plus Topdressing
    Nutri-Lawn Lawn Care’s secret “biology in a bag” topdressing is specially formulated to help improve the look and feel of your lawn. Apply our Organics Plus  mixture to increase microbial activity in the soil and improve your micronutrient levels.
  5. Keep Things Tidy with Regular Mowing
    Did you know that the ideal cutting height for your lawn is 2.5-3 inches? Homeowners should mow their lawn every 5-7 days to help preserve the health of the blade and build root structure. Remember to recycle your grass clippings – they act as a great supplement for your lawn between feedings.
  6. Always Remember to Water
    Install an inground sprinkler system from Nutri-Lawn and you’ll never have to worry about watering your lawn by hand again. Regularly scheduled waterings every 5 to 7 days will help encourage deep root growth and keep your lawn looking fresh. Nutri-Lawns sprinkler systems take the guess work out of watering and remove the hassle from your lawn maintenance program.
  7. Stay Proactive – Monitor Your Lawn
    The sooner you can identify a problem in your yard, the better! Nutri-Lawn’s team of trained lawn care professionals will isolate the problem area and contain the outbreak before it can spread and cause more damage to your property.
  8. Keep an Eye Out for Beetles and Other Pests
    Summer is the season for pests in Ottawa, so don’t forget to treat your lawn with proven insect repellents. Nutri-Lawn highly recommends treating your lawn with Beneficial Nematodes, microscopic round worms that help seek out and destroy harmful grubs.

Follow these eight tips for a great lawn and your yard will always look lush and healthy. For more information on proven lawn care techniques contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Inground Sprinkler Systems by phone at 613-699-0768. Our staff of professional inground sprinkler installers are always happy to help.