Five Autumn Lawn Care Treatments To Book Today

Think that spring and summer are the only seasons for Ottawa lawn care?

Think again!

Don’t fall of the lawn care bandwagon simply because the leaves are beginning to fall from the trees. Believe it or not, Ottawa is actually the most important season for lawn maintenance. In fact, how you care for your lawn now will have a direct impact on how your turf will turn out next year.

So don’t even think about slacking!

The following are five Ottawa inground irrigation and lawn care treatments that every homeowner needs to schedule now as part of their autumn lawn maintenance regiment.

  1. Fall Fertilizer Refresh
    Ensure your lawn is equipped to handle the rigours of winter by providing it with a healthy helping of fertilizer this September. Our Ottawa inground irrigation experts recommend opting for a slow-release, nitrogen-rich mixture. Right now, your lawn would love a good dose of 20-8-8 (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium) fertilizer mixture. This will help your turf recover from any residual heat stress, and encourage new growth before winter dormancy kicks in.

  2. It’s Not Too Late to Irrigate
    Ottawa inground irrigation is an important part of your autumn lawn care routine. In order to keep your lawn looking healthy throughout the fall, remember to provide your turf with at least an inch of water every week. This is especially important if your lawn has gone dormant. Inactive lawns can sustain quite a bit of damage if they don’t receive a regular sprinkling. As such, remember to set your Ottawa inground irrigation system to turn on for regular, infrequent waterings every few days.

  3. Plant Some Potential
    Hot summers can be rough on your lawn. Luckily, you can reverse a lot of that damage with Ottawa inground irrigation and overseeding. Apply seed during the cooler autumn months will help ensure that your lawn germinates before winter sets in (an added bonus: weeds hate cool weather. Planting a new lawn now gives your grass a much greater chance of surviving since it doesn’t have to compete with weeds for resources).

    Applying grass seed in the fall will give your lawn three growing seasons to establish solid roots before the hot summer heat sets in again. When tending to your new lawn, remember to water it regularly with your Ottawa inground irrigation system. A new lawn needs lots of regularly moisture in order to take root. Or, better yet, ask us about our hydro-seeding applications for a quick and efficient alternative to overseeding.

  4. Take a Deep Breath
    Help your lawn relax with a core aeration treatment this autumn. Aeration helps to reduce soil compaction that occurs due to heavy traffic and summer overuse. Removing small cores from your soil helps to improve the air, nutrient, which ultimately improves the health of your lawn.

  5. Keep Things Clean
    Don’t let debris clutter your yard. Show your lawn a little love by scheduling a power raking and dethatching treatment. Removing yard debris and fallen leaves from your lawn will make it easier for your turf to soak up sun and moisture, both now and next spring.

If you want a healthy lawn next spring, now’s the time to make it happen. Contact the Ottawa inground irrigation experts at Nutri-Lawn today to book your autumn lawn maintenance services.