Ottawa Spring Lawn Care Starts in the Fall

Do you want a lush, green lawn next spring? Then start taking important precautionary measures this fall! Treat your lawn to a healthy dose of top dressing and a thick helping of seed to ensure even growth and optimum coverage come next April. Don't wait until it's too late – start pampering your lawn today in order to enjoy a vibrant, healthy yard next year.

Your Lawn Deserves Organics Plus Top Dressing
Is your lawn looking worn out after the long, hot summer? Has your once thick and lush backyard become thin and drought stricken? Sounds like you could use some Organics Plus Top Dressing from Nutri-Lawn Ecology Friendly Lawn Care and Inground Sprinkler Systems. This exciting and highly-effective lawn care product adds important nutrients to the soil in your yard, assists in moisture retention, helps protect turf from disease, and speeds up thatch decomposition. Designed using a patented soil amendment, Nutri-Lawn's Orgnics Plus Top Dressing formula is guaranteed to be 100% weed free, and fortified with nutrients. Results are visible within 30 days of the treatment, but the benefits last much longer. Apply a healthy layer of Organics Plus Top Dressing today, and you're lawn will reap the rewards right through the winter!

'Tis the Season to Overseed
Once you've applied a generous layer of Organics Plus Top Dressing to your lawn, it's time to start overseeding. Overseeding is the practice of adding new grass seed to your lawn in order to discourage weed growth and promote a healthy, even turf. The technicians at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa have found that when they apply grass seed on top of the Organics Plus Top Dressing, and at amounts slightly higher than the manufacturer's recommendations, the results far exceed those of traditional lawn care methods. Our technicians will also provide your lawn with a professional grade core aeration treatment in order to ensure that air, nutrients, and moisture are able to penetrate the soil properly.

Dressing, aerating, and overseeding your lawn in September can save you hours of hassle come next spring. All you have to do is water your yard regularly post-treatment, and you're guaranteed a healthier, stronger lawn next April. For the best results, call Nutril-Lawn's Irrigation specialists and have them apply an Organics Plus Top Dressing treatment today, followed by a healthy layer of new endophyte enhanced grass seed.  Prices start at just $199 (+ tax) for lawns up to 2,000 square feet. For more information, contact Thom Bourne and his team of lawn care experts at 613-699-0768. Nutri-Lawn Ecology Friendly Lawn Care and Inground Sprinkler Systems is located at 1038 Belfast Road.