Toro Intelli-Sense Smart Sprinkler System Controller

Toro Intelli-Sense Smart Sprinkler System Controller

Save money with Toro Intelli-Sense

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow, your lawn could automatically adjust its watering schedule to optimize irrigation and conserve resources? Your yard would be in pristine condition all summer long, regardless of the weather. Sound too good to be true? Think again!

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa is proud to announce the arrival of a revolutionary new “smart” sprinkler system controller: the Toro Intelli-Sense Series. Designed with proven water-saving technology, the Toro Intelli-Sense combines unique programming with daily satellite-transmitted weather station data to provide your lawn with optimum irrigation. This revolutionary new technology takes the guesswork out of establishing a watering schedule, saving you valuable time and money. With the Toro Intelli-Sense rain sensor you’ll never have to adjust your sprinkler program to accommodate changing weather conditions again! This smart controller adjusts watering schedules daily, accurately determining targeted water requirements for every zone in your yard. The professional technicians at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can retrofit any existing inground sprinkler system with the new Toro Intelli-Sense system, so why wait? Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today and start enjoying the benefits of rain sensing smart technology as soon as possible.

A beautiful lawn isn’t the only benefit of installing at Toro Intelli-Sense rain sensor. You’ll also enjoy outstanding financial and environmental rewards. Property owners that install smart rain sensing technology on an inground sprinkler system save between 20%-40% on their monthly water bill compared to those using a non-regulated system. A rain sensor like the Toro Intelli-Sense will also eliminate waste water caused by unnecessary irrigation on cooler days, as well as reduce potential runoff storm water pollution.

Smart rain sensing technology is inexpensive and readily available at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. If you would like more information on the Toro Intelli-Sense System, or Nutri-Lawn’s commitment to water conservation, please feel free to give us a call at 613-699-0768.