“At Nutri-Lawn, we service thousands of happy residential and commercial locations. The following testimonials are just a few from our happy clients.”
- Thom Bourne, Owner

2010 Reviews


Congratulations on winning the BBB 'Torch Award' this year. It's great to get some recognition for all your hard work. The staff buy-in to accomplish this is huge. Keep up the good work.
Better Business Bureau
Ottawa, ON

Thank you so much for letting us turn your left over pipe into hula-hoops. It was so kind of you to also provide us with fasteners to make circles. One day we hope to bring a "Hoop for Change" fundraising event to an organization.
University of Ottawa, Faculty of Education
Ottawa, ON

Thank you for the professional installation of myirrigation system. Your staff is all very informative and organized people.
Kevin C
Stittsville, ON

The lights look great, and thank you to the crew that did the install (John and Colleen).
Mrs S
Gloucester, ON

Tom H recently came and did the irrigation winterization. He did a good job and is a really good guy.
James D
Ashton, ON

Thanks again for everything this year Martina. I enjoyed dealing with everyone, and the best of the season to you all. Thanks again.
Fraser W
Bank of Canada
Ottawa, ON

Wow, everything looks great! Thank you Christmas Decor, you've done it again. I am having people stopping in and taking pictures. I just love it and thank you so much.
Lynne L
Cantley QU

Your decor team has done such a nice job and was very professional and excellent to work with. J.T. Bradley's store has never looked so great. Much appreciated.
J.T. Bradley's
Navan, ON

Giovanni's called and said the restaurant looks great! Thank you all so much. The tree and wreaths really polished the overall look.
Giovanni's Ristorante
Ottawa, ON

It was nice to deal with a company that does things right. As long as we continue to do so, I will continue to refer customers.
Mrs F
Nepean, ON

The lawn looks magnificent. Thank you for making the lawn look good.
Mrs S
Ottawa, ON

The lights look great, and we did a very good job. Also, thank you for fixing the timer so quickly. I really appreciate it. Keep up the great work.
Maureen G
Stittsville, ON

My lawn looked great this past season. I am very satisfied with the results this year.
Mr V
Orleans, ON


Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind would like to take this opportunity to thank Nutri-Lawn for its contribution for one season of organic lawn care, valued at $350.00…Money raised through special events and fundraisers such as this enable us to continue to provide this service to visually impaired Canadians across the country ….
Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind
Ottawa, ON

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your gift donation.  Our Texas School Trip was a huge success, in part due to your help. 
Coaches and Players – Varsity Girls Soccer
Cairine Wilson Secondary School
Orleans, ON

We are always happy to see you were here.
Grant S
Greely, ON

Thank you for indicating that you have applied treatment between me and my neighbour’s property as requested in previous years.
Brian M
Nepean, ON

Thank you to Joe S for doing an excellent job on the work he did on my irrigation system!
Marc L
Ottawa, ON

Your boys were here and gone.  Everything went well. They were nice and represented your company well. 
Ryan M
Oakpark Retirement Centre
Ottawa, ON

I really appreciate all that you do! 
Mrs Ron H
Kanata, ON

Thank you to Frank M for the winterization of my irrigation system.  Frank did a great job!
Alfonso Z
Nepean, ON

 I have just sold the house but wanted to thank you for the services.  2010 was the best year with you yet.  You were able to get all of the wild violets with Fiesta.  The lawn looks incredible and I am sure that is one of the reasons why it sold so fast.  Thank you, Nutri-Lawn and all of your team for taking care of us over the years.
Mrs Chan
Kanata, ON

Thank you!
Mr/Mrs Agard
Orleans, ON

Thanks to Kyle who did my blow out on my irrigation system.  Kyle was a pleasure to deal with, knowledgeable, efficient and friendly.  Kyle is a good representative for your company. 
Mr Goldberg
Ottawa, ON

Absolutely no problems.  Thanks for a job well done.  Lawn looks great!  See you next year. 
Pamela P
Kanata, ON

I am moving into a condo so I have to cancel.  Thank you for your great service. 
Christine J
Ottawa, ON

Thank you to John who did my aeration.   John did an excellent job and was very pleasant. 
Richard F
Osgoode, ON

Kyle did a great job winterizing my irrigation system.  Kyle is an asset to your company.
Stan C
Nepean, ON


Thank you for taking such great care of my lawn. The Fiesta program virtually eliminated all of my creeping charlie and my lawn has never looked better.
Roy A
Orleans, ON

All went well.  Thank you.
B Weatherdon
Ottawa, ON

Tim Wilson did an awesome job winterizing my irrigation system.  I saw Tim going from house to house doing blow outs and he was still very patient and polite when he arrived at my house even though he was really busy.
Chris M
Nepean, ON

The people at Nutri-Lawn continue to do an outstanding job looking after us.  From the lawn care people to the irrigation experts to the landscape lighting people – so professional and knowledgeable and always a pleasure to deal with.
Sandra B
Nepean, ON

I have sold my home.  The new owners asked how I kept the lawn so lush and green.  My secret: Nutri-Lawn! 
Gord P
Kanata, ON

We are new customers and have had 2 treatments on our lawn over the last few months.  I was just out mowing and I wanted to take a moment to tell you how great our lawn looks – it has been completely transformed.  The lawn looks healthy and beautiful, the weeds have been significantly reduced, and your company is fantastic to deal with.  From the customer service representatives we have spoken to over the phone to the people who come to treat the lawn – your employees are friendly, professional and always a pleasure to deal with.
You guys know how to run a great company.  
Kimberly D
Carp, ON

Phil did my nematode application.  He was very friendly and efficient.  Phil explained everything to me and he had tremendous patience. 
Theresa M
Nepean, ON

How does someone get so enthusiastic about “grass”??  I have been dealing with Darren since I became a Nutri-Lawn client.  Amazingly professional, polite, courteous, good humour etc.  All over grass!! 
Rob Q
Manotick, ON

Thank you for doing my nematode application.  You did a great job.  Your timing between applications is perfect.  Nic is doing an awesome job on my lawn. 
Mrs Vaillancourt
Navan, ON

I really appreciate Al’s attitude and patience when he’s doing the irrigation service work.  Al is amazing at what he does and he’s a really hard worker. 
Rockcliffe, ON

Thank you for the Fiesta.  I have 90% less weeds than I had after only one visit.  I am so very impressed with it and you.
Paul B
Manotick, ON

Scott was here for the first time and he was very professional and helpful.  He really knew what he was talking about and I am very impressed with him.  Second, Jen is a delight on the phone.  She always gives me a heads up when you are coming and she has a great phone manner.  Thank you both for helping me and giving great service.   
Gail C
Ottawa, ON


I am extremely happy with my lawn.  It is very dark green even with just one fertilizer.  Great Job!
Paul C.
Orleans, ON

Your fertilizer is amazing. My lawn is just growing like crazy!
Murray T.
Orleans, ON

I love Nutri-Lawn, you guys are the best. You didn’t know I’m your biggest fan? Really though, I do love the company and I am a fan of Nutri-Lawn
Beverley M.
Nepean, ON

I would like Simon and Liam to do his core aeration. They did my fertilizer last week. They were good workers and very pleasant.
Richard F.
Osgoode, ON

Very happy with the service so far.
Robert L.
Nepean, ON

Thank you for doing my nematodes last year. I’ve seen great results and am looking forward to seeing more with this application
T. F.
Gloucester, ON

I would like to thank Steve L. for his knowledge and professionalism. Steve really knows his stuff and I am happy that you have technicians who know what they’re doing and do it well!
Rob S.
Nepean, ON

Phil was just here and he was so polite and professional. He went around and showed me all the areas he did. Phil is great and he did a great job
Margarie H
Ottawa, ON

My lawn looks beautiful. It’s thick and lush!
Sonja D.
Richmond, ON

I was just thinking when I am going to need a secretary I might poach Martina from you. Great personality on the phone!
Nigel E.
Ottawa, ON

I love Fiesta! Most of my weeds are gone. We were with a competitor before who has called me to rebook services, but I’m never going back! I have Nutri-Lawn now, and you beat the competitors tenfold
Hubert S
Manotick, ON

I want to thank you for doing a great job on my lawn! Your work has allowed me to enjoy my summer.
Wayne W.
Manotick, ON

A big thank you for the excellent installation of our new sprinkler system and all the wonderful, polite professional staff that participated.
Linda M.
Ottawa, ON

You’re doing a great job and it is a pleasure to have a company that will let me know what is going to happen down the road. I am very impressed! Keep up the great work
Henri L.
Orleans, ON

I want to let Joe’s crew how happy I am with my new sprinkler system. The guys are great and they’re hard workers!
Kirby S.
Kemptville, ON

I am very happy with Nutri-Lawn. Great service. Please pass this on to all who work there; great job!
Frank D.
Stittsville, ON

I just love Liam. He is one special guy who speaks very highly of your company. He is a pleasure to have showed up at our home. Thank you for being so patient and taking your time with us
Robert B.
Nepean, ON

My lawn looks incredible. Thank you Nutri-Lawn!
Roger A.
Orleans, ON

Steve L. was here this morning for a service call, and I am so happy with how smart and informative he is. He was so courteous. I tried to tip him but he refused. I would like Steve to come for future service if possible.
Mr. & Mrs. R.
Kanata, ON

I want to let the irrigation guys know that I appreciate all the patience they have. Thank you for doing an amazing job repairing the sprinkler system.
Ottawa, ON


Bill came to my property yesterday and he was very personable and pleasant.
Barbara A.
Stittsville, ON

We have the greenest and nicest lawn in the neighbourhood. Big thanks to Nutri-Lawn
Jennifer F.
Nepean, ON

Jess and Jen are just incredible. They really made me feel like there was not enough they could do for me. They are just great wonderful assets to your company. I have never dealt with such attentive customer service in my life. Thank you very much.
Mrs. G.
Orleans, ON

Tristan did my fertilizer and fiesta today and he was really nice and very informative. I want you to know he’s doing an excellent job!
Sylvain L.
Greely, ON

Fiesta is working great! It was so good to watch the weeds die.
Ms. M.
Kanata, ON


I had Top Dressing and core aeration on May 13 and I was not happy, it only took the technicians 25 minutes to do both. I called and talked to Penny and expressed how unhappy I was. She said ‘please give it 2-4 weeks and I will follow up with you.’
It’s been 4 weeks and sure enough Penny called and my lawn is now the best on the street. This is incredible. Thank you so much for the great job, the great product, and great service in general.
Kerry C.

I’ve been away and my lawn looks great! I’m extremely pleased with the results.
Mr. L.
Orleans, ON

I am really pleased with Kevin who applied my fertilizer on Saturday.
Marty C.
Ottawa, ON

I am very happy with the work Tim did on my sprinkler system. He was very professional and did a fantastic job. I hope he can come for future services!
Laurie D.
Almonte, ON

This is my first year with Nutri-Lawn and I am very happy with the results so far. I’ve already seen big improvements.
Kyle M.
Orleans, ON

The crew that installed my irrigation system was very professional and did an amazing job. I’m glad I decided to go with us for the install.
Michel C.
Navan, ON

I am moving to a condo and will need to cancel my services. I thank you for your services. I’m so happy with you and if I had grass at our new place I’d love to have you there. I will recommend you to everyone.
Douglas M.
Gloucester, ON

Fiesta is working great! Better than expected.
Ron L.
Kanata, ON

“I wanted to let you know that I was really happy with the sprinkler installation and your crew was excellent! They worked really hard and took great care in minimizing the disruption to our yard. Well done!
 V.  Smith

“Thanks for the awesome work!!  Great Job !!”
Mrs Guay

“On Friday May 30th at 16:15 a nice technician from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa (Tim) came and turned on our new sprinkler system, which had been installed in the fall of 2007. We are very pleased with both our sprinkler and with Tim’s courteous  approach  getting our new system up and running.”
R. Fleck

 “Rob Johnson provided us with a quote for a sprinkler system. He was amazing with my dad and very patient.  He did the drawing for my father and explained everything in detail.  He was a great guy.  Thank you!”
Mr. Dicebre

“I had an irrigation system installed in August of 2008.  Everyone that we’ve dealt with from Nurti-Lawn  are just amazing, from Chris giving her a quote, to Al installing the system , to Steve  checking on it and Lise in the office. Thank you for being there to answer all my questions and not making me feel bad about asking them. You have a Great Team!”
Mrs. Richards

“ Joe and Ted did a great job on the installation of our sprinkler system.  Thank you!”
Mr. Williams

“I would like to note that your team was very professional and thorough with the installation, and performed it meticulously and in good time.  They are to be commended.”
Mr. & Mrs. Sher


“I just wanted to let you know that Quinn was brilliant.  He did a great job, was very polite when he went to close our irrigation system.”
Ms. Anderson

 “I was very pleased with the installation of our new system.  Al took the time to explain what he did and walked me through the entire system.  Thank you.”
Mrs. Richards

“Pat on the back to Tim for his amazing work and the time he took to explain everything to me about the new sprinkler system.  Big thanks Tim, you did an awesome job!”
C. Hartley

I am extremely happy with my lawn. It is very dark green even with just one fertilizer. Great Job!
Paul C.
Orleans, ON

I am really happy with Nic doing my lawn today. He is very knowledgeable. I was skeptical at first but now I feel comfortable. Love the service!
Jennifer N
Ottawa, ON

Nic, Trevor, Joey and Kevin were very nice and I am getting excellent service. Thank you.
Mrs D
Ottawa, On

Thank you! The person (Mat) who came today was very nice. Very pleased so far…”
Dominique B
Nepean, On

I would like to thank the Irrigation department. The tech was great. I checked all my sprinkler heads and I am very pleased with the service.
Zhang D
Ottawa, On

I am so impressed with Trevor who just finished doing my tree fertilizer. This is my first year with Nutri-Lawn and I am happy. Trevor did a great job and was very thorough.
Diane F
Nepean, On

Thank you for the wonderful service that you have provided to us over the past few years. Our lawn has never looked better! Continued success to your company.
Carolyn R.
Orleans, On

I am very happy with Nic. He educated me about lawn care and I can not tell you enough how much I appreciate what he told me. My lawn is soon going to be better than the neighbours’ and it will be all thanks to him. Thank you, Nutri-lawn. You give great service.
Nadine L
Orleans, On

You are all so polite and great to talk to. Bill was excellent today. Great Customer Experience. Keep up the great work!
Herb L
Cumberland, On


I have been through so many companies but since I have had Nutri-Lawn, I have been very happy.
Ron A
Orleans, On

Michelle came by to do my first application today and I am just so impressed. She represents your company very well. Thank you very much.
Trevor B
Ottawa, On

Please thank your staff, James and Dom, for a great job. Very well done!
Mary D
Nepean, On

I want to put in a good word, a very good word, for the technician Tim, who started up the irrigation system a week ago and solved a problem I have been having for years… You have an excellent employee in Tim.
Helen B
Ottawa, On

“Quin did my core aeration today and oh my god was he ever sweet! He even said our nice my lawn was and thank you for choosing Nutri-Lawn. Who does that? Who takes the time anymore to do that? Thank you for sending such a nice young man”
Ann A.

“We have been very satisfied. Phone service has been great too. Timely reminders and friendly staff”
Chad W.

“I love how I can call you guys all of the time and ask as many questions as I need, you are so informative! Thank you so much!”
Douglas K.

“The lawn looks great! No weeds!”
Judy F.

“As advised we are moving but, wanted to thank you so much for your great service. Our lawn was a mess when you took us on, but it looks great today! I’m sure the new owners will want to continue with a great company”
Josie B.

“Now that’s great service!”
Joanne H.

“Just to let you know that, as of the second application today of the organic fertilizer, Jay and I both find my lawn is looking good. I had been a bit concerned about whether dropping pesticides might let the weeds take over but, in fact, tit may be that stronger grass growth is keeping them in check!”
Brian LC.

“Great services. Thanks for making my lawn look like grass again”
Julia S.

“Thanks for your great service in the past, and I look forward to a good season next year”
Claude T.

“I would like to commend Jessica on her excellent phone skills. Her message was clear, but more importantly upbeat and very positive. You want to hold on to Jessica, people with excellent phone skills are a rare breed!”
Josie B.

“Now that’s great service!”
Marc J.

“My lawn has majorly improved from last year. Thanks”
Debbie H.

“The young lady, I believe her name was Mel, was quite thorough with her work and was knowledgeable in responding to my questions”
Bev R.

“We have been very please with your services and will recommend you to the new owners. Thank you for keeping our lawn looking great!”
Ingrid C.

“Jody did a spectacular job in repairing my play structure. I just wanted to say thank you for the professional service!”
Joe D

“Thank you for the great customer service! You guys are amazing and I am very happy with your company”
Mark L.

“Steve came to my house today to do a service call on my irrigation system and he was awesome! He was very polite and knowledgeable and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I really appreciate it”
Ron H.

“My lawn has never looked so great! You do a great job!”
Anne L.

“My lawn looks great! I think that it is wonderful of Nutri-Lawn to include the weed pulling for me at no charge, that’s just great”
David L.

“I have been so please with your customer service representatives. My lawn has never looked so great. I am very happy to have join Nutri-Lawn.”
Constance S.

“I wanted to thank Ryan for doing a good job on my lawn today. I appreciate our prompt you guys are with your services!”
Sally S.

“I am very happy with Tom Ha. He met with me and my husband on the lawn and took care of the weeds. Great Job!”
Fiona F.

“Just so you know, I have been very pleased with the services this year. All of my weeds are under control and the lawn has never looked better. Thank you Darren for being so prompt with the follow up call”
David D.

“Thank you all for your hard work and for going out of your way for my property, I really appreciate it”
Alice C.

“I had a nice long chat with Nic T. What a very helpful and nice young man!”
Ashley L.

“I would like to say, that I have been very satisfied with Nutri-Lawns products and services over the last few years, and found your telephone and treatment application staff to be very polite, courteous and knowledgeable. A credit to your organization”
John C.

“Excellent job”
Richard T.