The Benefits Of Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding is a common lawncare task that really should be done every spring. There's benefit in overseeding even if done every other year or so, but overseeding every spring will ensure your lawn remains problem free and vibrant for the entire summer and into the following year.

Overseeding is simply scattering new seed onto an existing lawn to cover bare spots and gaps in the sod. A thick healthy turf will resist drought, disease, weeds and recover from a dormant season. And when you include an inground sprinkler system, you are almost guaranteed a healthy and low maintenance lawn for your home or business.

Why Spring?

Spring is the best time of year to overseed because of the warmer soil temperatures and higher rainfall. You can overseed at other times of the year if you have an irrigation system to keep the seeds constantly moist, which is difficult in the high heat of the summer months. Plus, the added bonus of overseeding in the spring is that your new grass is established and blended into the existing lawn when the warm months hit and you will be able to start enjoying your lawn as soon as possible.


The benefits to overseeding are numerous. Overseeding provides opportunities to introduce new grass species to an existing lawn. A blend of grass species can provide additional protection from disease and drought damage. Environmental conditions can change over time, that tree now shades the entire lawn and you need to introduce some shade tolerant varieties perhaps. Maybe you're just interested in introducing over time a grass species that will require less water or maintenance? These are all great benefits to overseeding.

If your lawn has a minor problem, winter damage from pets for instance, overseeding is a quick and easy fix. Overseeding can often fix minor problems before they become big and require expensive interventions. A healthy thick vibrant lawn is the best defense against weeds and other invasive problems because it creates an almost impenetrable barrier.

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation recommends overseeding every spring!

Be Grass Seed Smart!

Grass seed is pretty easy to get started and you can see them thrive in a fairly short amount of time, if the correct conditions are present or created. Spring provides plenty of rainfall usually, but now is a great time to consider installing an inground sprinkler system so you can ensure your lawn stays properly hydrated and green all summer long. Our inground sprinkler systems are equipped with smart technology that will detect when the soil needs moisture and how much water to deliver if there's been even small amounts of recent rainfall. You can rest assured that our inground sprinkler systems will take the guess work out of watering.

Grass seed needs to stay moist to germinate. Dry seed is generally dead seed. Constant irrigation is very important. And be sure you choose the correct grass seed for your lawn. Use a shade tolerant variety where necessary, etc. Grass does need time to thicken up and mature, so remember to give it 4 - 6 weeks after it sprouts to start mowing. Remember to leave enough of the grass after mowing to ensure the plant can continue to develop a strong root system.

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation offers a variety of services and now is the time to get a free quote on the best solutions for that beautiful green lawn you're looking for this summer. Contact our experts and find out what a custom irrigation system can do for your lawn and your life!