When It's Hot, Don't Water Too Much

Water is one of those essentials of life that in Canada we sometimes take for granted, even during water restrictions. But like many other things, it's possible to have too much of a good thing. Extreme weather fluctuations are common in summer, and this year's near drought conditions are a prime example. It's tempting to deliver extra water in this hot and dry weather, but watering too much can cause as many problems as not enough water.

A lawn that receives consistent infrequent watering will be much healthier than the lawn that gets a shallow watering every other day. With an inground sprinkler system from Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Ottawa, you can deliver water in the most efficient way possible and have it all programmed by an expert so that only what's needed is delivered. You'll never over-water or waste water again.

Here are some common problems caused by over-watering:

Saturated Soil

Plants will literally drown in soil that's always saturated. There are pockets of air in the soil which is how roots draw in oxygen. When it rains those pockets of air are filled with water, but if the water never drains the roots are deprived of oxygen. This causes root rot and a host of other problems.


Shallow roots typically mean the plants are stressed, because the top layer of soil dries out very quickly. Stressed plants are less able to fend off intruders like insects and weeds. Crabgrass is one weed that thrives in wet soil and has a definite advantage over grass in this way. Watering too often and too little is exactly what weeds like crabgrass love.

Shallow Roots

Many homeowners make the mistake of watering every other day (because of watering restrictions) and watering too little. The water doesn't penetrate deep into the soil but sits in the top layer. This prevents plants from growing deep roots to find water, the roots remain shallow and near the surface of the soil because that's where the water is. Plants with shallow roots are more vulnerable to wind, insects, disease, and other problems.

Starving Roots

Grass can't survive indefinitely on just water. When a lot of moisture is always present in the soil, the nutrients are lost too quickly to be absorbed by the plant roots. When plants are starving they yellow and wither. At this point, many homeowners will add fertilizer to the soil, which is what the plants need, but then it's washed away again. This adds unnecessary expenses to your lawn care budget.

Irrigation Tips

We live in a climate that brings unique seasons each year, with different amounts of rain and heat. If you don't have an irrigation system that detects the moisture level in the soil, you may just be guessing how much water you're delivering from season to season. Also, it's wise to get your soil tested every 3-5 years to determine the unique blend of clay, sand, and silt in your soil. These components can greatly affect how well or how much water is absorbed and retained in the soil between watering.

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