Five Ways to Kill Weeds While Saving Water

Wanting a weed free property doesn’t have to take a toll on your water consumption. When it comes to lawn and garden care, there are plenty of water savvy ways to eradicate lawn weeds in an environmentally conscious way.

Weeding Early
The best time to practice weed prevention is early in the season - before weeds have a chance to become fully grown, resilient adult weeds. Pay special attention to both your lawn, garden, and vegetable beds and spend the early part of the spring season making sure that weeds don’t get out of control. Because in-ground irrigation systems only water what needs to be watered they are helpful when it comes to limiting weed growth. In-ground sprinkler systems use individual sprinkler heads directed at flowers, plants, and bushes to provide the right amount of water to each part of your property.

The Right Amount of Water
When it comes to your flower and vegetable beds, too much water can be just as detrimental as not enough. A good rule of thumb for adequate watering is the one finger rule. You should only water your gardens and flowers when the soil is dry at two to three centimetres deep. The same rule applies for your lawn. Watering deeply once per week as opposed to lightly everyday will lead to much deeper, drought resistant grass roots. The exception to this rule is for freshly seeded lawns, and recently planted flowers and vegetables. Each of these things will need constantly moist soil to germinate and establish roots. In-ground irrigation systems are especially helpful during this time, as they can provide the right amount of water during a crucial growing period.

Make Smart Planting Decisions
When planting your vegetable and flower garden choose plants that thrive in your climate! By doing this, you will automatically choose varieties that only need as much water as your climate can naturally give it. In-ground irrigation systems can be used at this point to apply just enough water to compensate for dry periods in a calculated way. The same goes for your lawn. Instead of choosing exotic - undoubtedly beautiful - grass varieties, choose a grass style that thrives in the climate you live in! You will be much happier with the results and the maintenance required with this method.

Fertilize With A Purpose
Throughout the growing season your lawn and flower beds will need to be amended to achieve the best results possible. Your lawn will grow faster and result in a more luscious look if it has all of the minerals and vitamins it needs to thrive. Making sure that it has everything it needs to grow properly will also mean that you can water it less! The ingredients to be on the lookout for are chelated iron - aim for at least 1% of the total contents - and slow release nitrogen. Together, these ingredients will help your lawn acquire the rich, deep green you crave. Slow release nitrogen will work together with your custom in-ground irrigation to continuously infuse each blade of grass with this valuable nutrient.