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Change How You Mow Grass To Conserve Water

The experts at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation know that homeowners are concerned about conserving water. We are too, so we put together these three simple tips on saving water simply by changing how you mow grass.

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"Green" Up Your Inground Sprinkler Services This Spring April 2015
Now that your lawn is getting its green tones back, why not join in on the colouring? Go green with your Ottawa inground irrigation and lawn care practices. ...Read more

The Ins and Outs of Overseeding and Inground Irrigation April 2015
Winter is finally on its way out, and your lawn doesn’t look quite like the verdant luscious lawn you want it to be. Chances are, there are brown patches on your lawn following winter, and that’s certainly not a ...Read more

Escape the Flood with Proper Lawn Drainage March 2015
Spring is here, and it’s about time to enjoy the weather! This also means that lawn maintenance has begun and that includes effective Ottawa irrigation services. ...Read more

How Push Reel Mowers Benefit Your Inground Sprinkler System March 2015
Spring is back, and that means that lawn maintenance activities have started up again including your Ottawa irrigation services. If you want to make the most out of your lawn care program, then you’ll want to ...Read more

Transform Your First Home with Proper Lawn Care March 2015
Are you a first time homeowner? This is your home, your oasis, your getaway. For the first time ever, you get to decide exactly how your yard looks and how your house is run. ...Read more

Welcome Spring by Revitalizing Your Inground Sprinkler System March 2015
Spring is almost here, and it’s time to bring your Ottawa irrigation services back to life! It’s been a long winter, and your inground sprinkler system needs careful attention to make sure it is offering your lawn ...Read more

Irrigating a Capital December 2014
How Nutri-Lawn Ottawa navigates certifications and security clearances to provide irrigation services for government properties. ...Read more

Care for Your Evergreens this Winter October 2014
This is the last hull before the winter weather really starts to take force. With likely only a couple weeks left before the snow starts, homeowners are rushing around trying to prepare their lawns and inground ...Read more

Protect Your Flowers with Inground Sprinkler Systems October 2014
Winter is coming! It's not just your inground sprinkler systems and landscaping that needs winter preparation. If you want to enjoy spring blossoms and summer blooms, you need to prepare your flowers for the ...Read more

Prevent Gypsy Moths with Nutri-Lawn Ottawa September 2014
After the not-so-hot summer temperatures this year, it's hard to believe that fall is already here. But, try as we might, there's no postponing the arrival of autumn any longer. ...Read more

Feeding the Picky Eater: Ottawa Irrigation for Difficult Grass September 2014
It's not just people that can be picky eaters these types can appear in nature too. Certain grasses require particular feeding regimens from your inground irrigation system, especially if you have ...Read more

How to Adjust Your Irrigation for August August 2014
Inground irrigation in August, albeit similar to other months in many ways, has its own requirements to ensure your lawn retains the health and strength it developed over the summer. ...Read more

Fortify Your August Grass with Ottawa Inground Irrigation August 2014
Preparation for the winter season shouldn't wait until late fall. A healthy lawn will remain healthy throughout the cold temperatures if you begin to ready your grass for it in August or early September. ...Read more

Eliminate Chinch Bugs with Ottawa Irrigation and Lawn Care July 2014
You've spent months preparing for summer. Pre-winter preparation, post-winter clean-up, and now it's time. July is here, and for some reason, your yard is still covered in brown patches! ...Read more

Nematodes and Your Ottawa Inground Irrigation July 2014
Are you grappling with grubs? Don't let these little larvae destroy your lawn this summer. Learn the ins and outs of using beneficial nematodes and your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler system. ...Read more

How To Avoid Water Wastage in Ottawa June 2014
With the rushing Ottawa River nearby, it's easy to forget that water is a valuable resource. Water wastage is a major problem both globally and domestically. It's a hard fact, but ordinary homeowners ...Read more

The Benefits of Retrofitting Sprinkler Systems June 2014
Are you still working with the same tired old Ottawa inground irrigation system? Are you wondering why your neighbours are getting greener lawns with half the effort and expense ...Read more

Save Your Lawn From Gobbling Grubs with Inground Irrigation and Nematodes June 2014
Summertime can be harsh on your lawn. After all the work that goes into creating a gorgeously prim property with your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler system and lawn maintenance service ...Read more

Moles and Voles: How They Affect Your Irrigation and Lawn Services June 2014
Are you finding mounds of dirt or rodent pathways through your lawn? You may have an issue with moles or voles. Despite their similar name, moles and voles are dissimilar in many ways. ...Read more

Go Green with Clover May 2014
After a long week at work, the last thing you want to do is come home to more work. Unfortunately, having a lawn means lawn maintenance. Though your Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground sprinkler systems can help ...Read more

Scrapping Common Spring Lawn Care Myths May 2014
There are myths about the right way to do pretty much everything in the home, and spring lawn care is no exception. But how much are these myths harming your lawn?. ...Read more

Mowing and Irrigating Like a Pro May 2014
Don't get bogged down with mowing and irrigating duties this spring. Bring out the beauty of your lawn with professional mowing and watering tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. ...Read more

Watch Water Waste Disappear With Smart Inground Irrigation May 2014
Eco-friendly is trending and it's time to get your inground irrigation systems up to date with the eco-train. At Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, we understand that water conservation is quickly becoming the only way to engage ...Read more

Ottawa Irrigation Tips for First Time Homeowners April 2014
Owning a home for the first time is both a daunting and exciting experience. Becoming a homeowner comes with all sorts of new responsibilities, including lawn maintenance. ...Read more

Board the Eco-train With Green Lawn Care Practices and Irrigation Services April 2014
These days, it isn't difficult to be eco-friendly with your lawn practices. Everything is moving in the direction of becoming environmentally compatible. In fact, soon it may be tougher to practice ...Read more

The Breath of Life: Overseeding and Inground Irrigation April 2014
Spring is the season of new life, fresh blossoms … and renewed lawn care. Unfortunately, Ottawa winters aren't friendly to vulnerable lawns. You may begin to see as many dead patches of grass as living patches...Read more

Make the Most Out of Compost with Inground Irrigation April 2014
If you're already going green with eco-friendly inground sprinkler systems from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa, why not go one step further? Compost makes a great fertilizer that's effective, easy to create ...Read more

Combating Grubs with Your Inground Sprinkler System April 2014
With spring here, and summer on its way, water conservation is a key ingredient to obtaining a healthy, green lawn. The first step is getting irrigation services that work for the needs of your lawn without ...Read more

Benefits of the Push Mower: Creating an Eco-Friendly Irrigation System March 2014
With spring here, and summer on its way, water conservation is a key ingredient to obtaining a healthy, green lawn. The first step is getting irrigation services that work for the needs of your lawn without ...Read more

How to Use Nutri-Lawn Irrigation Services to Help Drainage March 2014
It's almost that time of year again! Time to dust off the lawn mower and start up your irrigation system. Unfortunately, with this routine comes the hassle of snowmelt and drainage issues ....Read more

Take the Stress Out of Mowing this Autumn September 2013
Summer lawn maintenance sure can be tiring. All that mowing and irrigating, fertilizing and freshening up takes time and effort. In fact, ongoing lawn care is one of the biggest frustrations for most Ottawa ...Read more

Five Autumn Lawn Care Treatments To Book Today September 2013
Think that spring and summer are the only seasons for Ottawa lawn care? Think again ...Read more

Love Your Lawn With Organic Lawn Care Practices August 2013
There's something about the smell of a freshly cut lawn. For many, the earthy aroma brings back childhood memories; forgotten daydreams and lazy afternoons spent staring up at the sky. ...Read more

The Problem With Wild Parsnip August 2013
Parsnips. They probably aren't your favourite vegetable, but even so, they're far from dangerous, right?
Well, that depends on the type of parsnip you're talking about. ...Read more

Become a Lawn Care Environmental Steward July 2013
What would you say if we told you that your green thumb could lead to less watering, less fertilizing, and less mowing of your Ottawa lawn? Would that be enough to encourage you to become a more engaged  ...Read more

Banish Summer Weeds with Ottawa Lawn Irrigation and Maintenance July 2013
It happens slowly, and often without warning. One day, you'll just be walking along, minding your own business, and then you see it: a weed. At first it's just one. But then, upon closer inspection, you'll find  ...Read more

Fix Common Lawn Problems Without Pesticides June 2013
Pests and diseases on your lawn can really cause problems for your property maintenance and irrigation in Ottawa.  With the pesticide ban, solving these pests can feel like a real pain.  ...Read more

First Home, First Lawn Tips to Keep Things Looking Green June 2013
Owning a home for the first time can be an intimidating experience.  There are all kinds of new responsibilities and chores that come along with the package that you wouldn't have had to deal with in a rental. ...Read more

How Much Fertilizer Does My Lawn Need? May 2013
Who doesn't want a healthy, green lawn for the summer?  Fertilization accompanied by a sturdy routine of inground irrigation will get your Ottawa lawn looking like the Emerald City. ...Read more

Grubs Destroying Your Lawn? Fight Back! May 2013
One day, you take a look at your lawn and you notice that in certain areas your grass is either dead or missing completely. What's worse is that no matter how well you seem to take care of it, there's nothing that  ...Read more

How Ottawa Inground Irrigation Will Help You Lime Your Lawn April 2013
A fantastic lawn goes a long way to enhancing the look of your home and is the desire of many.  However, people don’t just stumble into a healthy lawn.  No, those thick, green lawns are the result of weeks  ...Read more

Down with Dandelions! April 2013
As a parent, it’s almost a rite of passage to have your child eagerly deliver a bouquet of “flowers” to you. Pretty, yellow dandelion flowers.  ...Read more

Count Your Blessings: Be Grateful for Grass March 2013
Grass has been maligned as not very environmentally friendly.  Despite the bad rap, turfgrass is actually beneficial not only to our environment, but to our overall mental and physical health. ...Read more

Curb Appeal and Ottawa Sprinkler Systems: Just What Do they Have in Common? March 2013
People always want to squeeze a few extra dollars out of the resale of their home. In order to do this, most people will focus on sprucing up the inside of their home however, it’s important to note that outside curb  ...Read more

It's Alive! Re-animate Your Lawn in 2013 February 2013
As we approach that fifty-nine-day month known as Farch that cold and dreary period from February 1st to March 31st it's not uncommon that many of us in the Ottawa area can be found ...Read more

How Our Ottawa Sprinkler Systems Can Fix Your Soil February 2013
Before you start your plans for your beautiful, lush, green lawn this summer, take the time to think of its foundation: the soil.  Improving your soil can do wonders for enhancing your lawn’s beauty and success....Read more

Mid-winter Tips From the Ottawa Inground Irrigation Experts January 2013
Winter has hit the Ottawa area. As a homeowner, maybe you're looking out your window and dreaming about those flower beds that were planted with care and your lush lawn ...Read more

Don't Let Lawn Weeds Get You Down January 2013
Are you struggling with your Ottawa weed control?  Are your Ottawa weed treatment methods not working? If your answer is yes to both, then it's time to learn a bit more   ...Read more

Go Green With A Push Reel Mower August 2012
Are you tired of the same old mower recipe of oil, gas, and a whole lot of noise? Well, why not add some "green" to your turf maintenance in Ottawa by investing in a push reel mower? ...Read more

Looking Ahead To September Lawn Care August 2012
The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. Sadly, summer is coming to an end, and that means it’s time to begin preparing for the oncoming autumn season. ...Read more

Go Green With A Chemical Free Lawn August 2012
Is the green on your thumb slowly ebbing away?  You may need a little boost to keep those environmentally friendly energies going.  Now that chemical-free lawn care is the standard in Ontario, many ...Read more

Disaster Control: How To Recover From Grub Damage August 2012
Lawn grubs can wreak havoc on even the healthiest lawn.  While a certain amount of grubs are unavoidable, a severe infestation can really impact the effectiveness of your Ottawa lawn care treatments. ...Read more

How To Handle Three Common Types of Lawn Damage August 2012
Having a green lawn is something that many homeowners strive to achieve.  Between lawn sprinkler installation, fertilizing, and professional lawn care, maintaining an amazing lawn is no easy task. ...Read more

Ottawa Residents Encouraged To Water Their Lawns July 2012
It's summer and it’s a record-setting scorcher!   Not only has this summer been hot, but it’s also been plagued by a lack of rain.  This can be bad news for your lawn, as dryness can increase the risk of fires. ...Read more

Say “No” To Weeds This Summer July 2012
Weeds are the bane of every homeowner's existence.  While chemicals may seem like the ideal solution, they can leach into vegetable and flower gardens, runoff and trickle into groundwater supplies, and let's not ...Read more

Can Chlorine Kill My Lawn? July 2012
As pool season kicks into full swing, now's the time to consider the effect that sanitation chemicals, like chlorine, will have on your lawn care in Ottawa. ...Read more

The Art Of Mowing The Perfect Lawn June 2012
Have you ever stared across the street, lamenting your neighbour's perfectly cut lawn and wondered, "why doesn't my turf look like that?" ...Read more

How to Grow a Green Lawn This Year June 2012
Are you frustrated with your less-than-perfect lawn? Does it bother you that your turf contains ugly brown and yellow patches? ...Read more

How Can I Manage Insects In My Ottawa Lawn? June 2012
Is something bugging you about your lawn? Here are some tips to properly handle the pests in your lawn. How Pyrethrins Can Keep Insects Out of Your Lawn Sprinklers in Ottawa ...Read more

Get Rid Of Grubs For Good June 2012
Are you having issues with white grubs in your yard this year?  Read on to learn how to use your irrigation services in Ottawa, and other proactive steps, to ban these pesky insects from your property for good. ...Read more

When is it Time to Top Dress Your Lawn? May 2012
If you want a healthy lawn this summer, maintaining a healthy layer of topsoil is one of the first and most important steps you'll need to tackle. Why? ...Read more

Understanding Earwigs Friend or Foe? May 2012
Despite their bad reputation, the earwig is more helpful than destructive to your garden and lawn. While their name may be misleading, in order to maintain a healthy yard the earwig can actually be ...Read more

Understanding Ontario’s Pesticide Ban May 2012
Put into effect April 22 of 2009, the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban details 82 pesticide ingredients (including Glyphosate and Glufosinate) as prohibited resulting in the ban of over 250 products ...Read more

Why Grass Cycling is Not the Enemy May 2012
Fill up the bag, empty the bag. Fill it, empty it. That's the tedious job many go through when they cut their lawn each week. What would you think if you found out you didn't have to bag your lawn clippings? ...Read more

Seven Easy Lawn Care Steps from Nutri-Lawn May 2012
Tired of time-consuming lawn care chores? Speed up your seasonal lawn care requirements with these seven easy tips from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. ...Read more

Don't Let Thatch Suffocate Your Lawn April 2012
Does your Ottawa lawn have a thatch problem? Like many plants, your grass has a belowground root system that relies on nutrients, oxygen and water to thrive and prosper. ...Read more

How to Prevent Crabgrass Growth in Your Lawn April 2012
Although it's not uncommon to see crabgrass in your lawn, it's almost always an unwelcome surprise. Amongst your Ottawa inground sprinkler system, and the rest of your healthy, green lawn ...Read more

How to Handle a Moss Invasion April 2012
Has moss left you feeling a little… green? Don't worry the inground sprinkler system specialists at Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help! ...Read more

Bugs That Can Benefit Your Lawn March 2012
When it comes to lawn bugs, don’t lose your cool. Not all bugs are bad news, especially when it comes to your Ottawa lawn care and irrigation plan. Many bugs can actually benefit your turf, protecting it from harmful fungus and disease. So, before you start concocting homemade insecticides ...Read more

Lawn Rust Leads to Lawn Car Problems March 2012
Most Ottawa homeowners have come across lawn rust at one point or another. One of the lesser lawn care problems, rust is actually a great lawn maintenance warning sign for amateur gardening enthusiasts. The minute it begins to appear on your property, pick up the phone ...Read more

Start a Lawn in Four Easy Steps March 2012
Starting a new lawn on your Ottawa property can be tedious. From preparations to planting, irrigation to ongoing maintenance, starting a lawn from scratch requires time, patience and perseverance. Luckily, the Ottawa lawn irrigation experts at Nutri-Lawn are here to help! ...Read more

Stop the Spread of Fungus in Your Ottawa Lawn March 2012
Mushrooms, toadstools, mold it doesn't matter what you call it, fungus can certainly cause problems in your Ottawa lawn. From sporadic growths to colossal colonies, fungus can make a mess of your yard, especially if you let it get out of hand. If your lawn has more mushrooms than mud, don't delay ...Read more

Understanding pH Problems: How to Treat Imbalances in Your Soil February 2012
Think there's something strange happening beneath the surface of your Ottawa lawn? Well, it could be that your soil is chemically imbalanced. If your lawn is looking a little ragged this spring, don't just turn your Ottawa sprinkler system on and hope for the best. ...Read more

Getting to Know Nitrogen February 2012
Nitrogen is one of the main ingredients in most environmentally friendly lawn care products. In fact, if you're planning to fertilize your lawn this spring, chances are you'll be using a product that contains at least a small percentage of this important nutrient. ...Read more

Reduce the Impact of Water Rate Increase with a Smart Control Irrigation System February 2012
Ottawa's water rates are expected to rise this spring, thanks to a long-range financial plan tabled in late January. According to the Ottawa Sun, rates are projected to increase by 6% this year, followed by a potential 7% hike in each of 2013 and 2014. ...Read more

Winter Lawn Care Tips to Remember February 2012
Winter is one season we Ottawa folks certainly know plenty about. Chilling cold, blustering snow, dreary days it all comes with the territory. And while we sometimes enjoy an occasional afternoon of warmth and sunshine, it's hardly the norm. ...Read more

Don't Worry About Drought - Lawn Care Tips from Nutri-Lawn August 2011
Is your landscaping designed to make the most of your inground sprinkler system? More and more Ottawa home and business owners are asking themselves this question every day, resulting in a fundamental shift in landscape design. ...Read more

How to Select Lawn Seed For Your Ottawa Yard August 2011
Whenever you look at your neighbour's lawn, do you immediately think, "the grass is always greener on the other side?" If you're turning green with envy over a lush looking lawn, don't despair. The answer to your lawn care conundrum could be as simple as a seed. ...Read more

Tips to Reduce Your Water Usage This August August 2011
Municipal water usage more than doubles during the summer months, especially during hot, humid August days. Whether you're topping up your swimming pool, hosing off the car, or simply giving your flower bed a quick drink, water conservation needs to be at the forefront of your thoughts. ...Read more

Turf Science July 2011
Are troublesome turf issues making it difficult for you to properly manage your lawn care maintenance? Do you spend more time studying fertilizers and herbicides than you do enjoying your outdoor space? If your lawn is having trouble making the grade, it could be because you lack the proper understanding of turf ...Read more

Drown Out Drought with Kelp Biostimulants July 2011
Is your lawn longing for a little moisture? If your landscape sprinkler system is working overtime in order to maintain a healthy yard, now's the perfect time to try something new. Don't let drought drain the life from your lawn. Contact the lawn care and irrigation specialists at Nutri-Lawn to learn more about ...Read more

Tackle Common Lawn Diseases with Nutri-Lawn July 2011
Is your lawn suffering from a serious case of the spots? Spotty, yellowing grass is a common symptom of many lawn diseases, which makes it hard to diagnose and confusing to treat. Luckily, the lawn care and irrigation specialists at Nutri-Lawn have the tools to help you properly identify ...Read more

How to Rid Your Lawn of Hairy Chinch Bugs July 2011
The hairy chinch bug is a lawn pest commonly found in Eastern Canada. Known for its hefty appetite and frightening visage, the hairy chinch bug has become a major pain for many Ottawa business owners. If your lawn has turned a sickly yellow colour over the past few weeks ...Read more

Four Watering Tips for Your Ottawa Lawn June 2011
When it comes to keeping your lawn health, hearty, and disease-free, nothing beats a well-engineered automatic sprinkler system. Whether you're in charge of a sprawling golf course or a moderate backyard, proper irrigation is an essential part of your lawn's diet. ...Read more

Understanding the Ontario Pesticide Ban June 2011
The Ontario-wide pesticide ban came into effect on April 22, 2009 (Earth Day). This ban prohibited the use of more than 250 popular pesticides as well as an additional 80 chemicals. While it's been more than two years since the ban came into place ...Read more

Handle Summer Lawn Stress with Nutri-Lawn June 2011
High temperatures, extreme humidity and a lack of moisture are bad enough for your turf; add in the insects and disease that comes along with these conditions and you've got a recipe for extreme lawn stress. Protecting your lawn from sweltering summer weather takes planning, preparation, and perseverance. ...Read more

How to Estimate Your Lawn Care Costs June 2011
Taking care of a lawn, whether it's at your home or business, can be a time consuming and sometimes expensive task. Mowing, watering, weeding, and landscaping the list of outdoor chores goes on and on and on! If the thought of spending hours behind the wheel of your lawnmower makes you weary ...Read more

Why Install a Lawn Sprinkler System? June 2011
Installing an automatic sprinkler system is a complicated job for even the most adventurous do-it-yourselfer. Digging, tunneling, and choosing the right materials is hard enough. Making it all work without wasting water or damaging your property can be a nightmare. ...Read more

A Closer Look at Lawn Fertilizers June 2011
A healthy and vibrant Ottawa lawn requires a balanced diet of nutrients and organic elements. While your lawn can produce many of the nutrients it needs naturally, elements like phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen need to be added to your grass in order to keep it looking lush and green. ...Read more

How to Choose an Ottawa Lawn Care Company May 2011
Are you having a hard time selecting an Ottawa lawn care company to maintain for your property this summer? Well, look no further! Nutri-lawn Ottawa is a provider that fits both your needs and your budget, with workers you can trust, and expertise you can rely on. ...Read more

May Lawn Maintenance: Overseeding May 2011
According to the City of Ottawa's Monthly Maintenance Schedule, May is the most important month in the lawn care calendar because it involves preparing for the long summer season ahead. Fail to prepare properly, and your lawn could end up looking wilted and tired. ...Read more

Grubs 101 - Understanding Ottawa's Biggest Lawn Care Pest May 2011
If the City of Ottawa website is right, Ottawa area residents should be bracing for a grub problem this summer. Grubs are one of the biggest lawn care pest populations in the Ottawa area, and also one of the most difficult insect populations to control. ...Read more

The Do's of Spring Lawn Care – May 2011
Don't let the dreary local weather fool you - spring has sprung in Ottawa, and that means it's time to dust off your green thumb and get ready for seasonal lawn care. A healthy summer lawn starts with a little love and a lot of elbow grease in April, so grab a rake and get ready. ...Read more

FIESTA™– Safe and Effective Natural Weed Control! – May 2011
Are you tired of struggling to keep your yard weed-free? FIESTA™ is a new lawn bio-herbicide that’s derived from iron the 4th most common element in soil. This fast acting liquid weed control is odourless and rain-fast in 3 hours ...Read more or view as a pdf

How to Clean Up Your Yard for Spring in Ottawa – April 2011
Is your lawn in need of a thorough cleanse this April? If so, don't worry - you've come to the right place! Nutri-Lawn has been helping homeowners tidy up their lawns for more than 20 years, providing them with simple tips and priceless information. ...Read more

Green Up & Thicken your lawn by Overseeding! – April 2011
One of the most common issues that concern our customers in the spring is once the snow melts; the lawn appears to be brown and thin. The Ottawa area’s harsh winter weather often wreaks havoc on our lawns. Older grass plants die off, rodents such as voles make path ...Read more or view as a pdf

Nutri-Lawn- just what do you guys do over the Winter? – February 2011
You might think that Thom Bourne and his Nutri-Lawn Irrigation team would have headed south for a game of golf! Not a chance! The only game these guys are on top of is upgrading their product and agronomic knowledge to serve their customers better. ...Read more

Spring Lawn Care Starts in the Fall September 2010
Do you want a lush, green lawn next spring? Then start taking important precautionary measures this fall! Treat your lawn to a healthy dose of top dressing and a thick helping of seed to ensure even growth and optimum coverage come next April. ...Read more

How to Protect Your Lawn from a Drought August 2010
Dry, hot weather may be great for beach-bound Ottawa residents, but it can quickly spell disaster for a lush, green lawn. If you're beautiful backyard has become a dry, barren landscape, don't despair. Nutri-Lawn Ottawa can help you inject some life back into your lawn without any trouble. ...Read more

Nematodes + Nutri-Lawn = Goodbye Grubs! August 2010
The summer season is tough on lawns in Ontario. From torrential rain showers to scorching heat, the weather can really wreak havoc on your turf. The extreme shifts in temperature and moisture can also attract unwanted pests into your yard, most notably grubs. ...Read more

Grub Control July, 2010
Are unsightly brown patches ruining your lawn? Don’t let your yard fall victim to embarrassing discolouration any more with proven protection from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa. Nutri-Lawn’s specially formulated grub control treatments are designed to safely and effectively rid your property of these vicious pests ...Read more

Nematodes July, 2010
Think all insects are pests? Think again! There are lots of worms and bugs that are beneficial to your lawn and garden. One such insect is the nematode. Nematodes are nature’s way to control European chaffers and lawn grubs, safely, naturally, and effectively. ...Read more

Weed Control June, 2010
If you’re like most homeowners, you dream of a lush, healthy lawn. A lawn that’s thick and green, fresh and fertile, and most of all free of weeds! Weeds detract from a yard’s beauty due to the contrast in colour, texture, and coverage. ...Read more

8 Secrets to a Great Lawn June, 2010
Want to turn your lawn into an outdoor oasis? Let Nutri-Lawn Ottawa show you how! Our eight step lawn care system is specially designed to provide our clients with a lush, healthy yard, free of weeds and resistant to pests. Make your yard the envy of your neighbourhood follow Nutri-Lawn’s eight secrets to exceptional lawn care today! ...Read more

Fiesta Weed Killer May, 2010
Is your lawn in need of some serious TLC this summer? Whether you’re lawn is suffering from spotty coverage or a terrible dandelion infestation, Nutri-Lawn in-ground sprinkler systems can help turn your tired backyard into a lush and inviting oasis. ...Read more

Harness the power of the sun with the Hunter Solar-Sync sensor May, 2010
Is your sprinkler system doing everything possible to conserve water and properly irrigate your lawn? Well, what if Nutri-Lawn could provide you with a sprinkler system that works in harmony with Mother Nature to give you a cost-effective watering solution? Harness the power of the sun with the newly released Solar Sync system from Hunter. ...Read more

Save money with Toro Intelli-Sense May, 2010
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if somehow, your lawn could automatically adjust its watering schedule to optimize irrigation and conserve resources? Your yard would be in pristine condition all summer long, regardless of the weather. Sound too good to be true? Think again! ...Read more