Overseeding and Irrigation The Perfect Yard Mix

You want a lawn that looks like new sod – dense, thick, and lush. Extreme weather, kids, and pets can take a toll on your lawn. If you can spread the blades of grass and see soil you should be overseeding. A thick lawn not only looks great but will thrive through the wear and tear of a Canadian summer.

Overseeding is a yard maintenance staple. There are numerous benefits to overseeding your lawn and the most obvious is curb appeal, but a resilient lawn can better withstand extreme weather and high traffic (play or pets), reduce weeds, and have less reliance on fertilizer.

Irrigation is an important component to overseeding as consistent watering ensures optimal seed germination. Grass seed, once spread and watered that first time, should be kept moist twice a day until it sprouts and takes root. When seed is allowed to dry out, germination could be affected by as much as 30%. An inground sprinkler system will detect the moisture in the soil and deliver the right amount of water to create optimal conditions for seed growth. This will deliver the best bang for your buck.

Overseeding is of the most benefit in early spring and fall because those are typically the seasons that provide the best conditions for new seeds to take root. Here are a few things you can do to give your grass the best start.

  • Cut your lawn to ensure light can reach the soil where you’ll be planting new grass.
  • If you plan to add compost or fresh top soil, do that first so you don’t bury your new grass seed too deep.
  • Lightly rake the area where you’ve spread seed to ensure the seed has good contact with the soil. Seed that falls on grass clippings, leaves, or other yard debris simply becomes food for the birds at that point – it won’t take root.
  • Water the area well but don’t leave puddles.  
  • Lightly water consistently up to twice a day to ensure seeds stay moist for optimal germination.
  • Once the new grass reaches two or three inches in height (two or three weeks) go ahead and mow your lawn. After you mow your lawn once or twice the differences in colour between the new and the existing should disappear.


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