How Smart Is Your Irrigation System?

Remember when you upgraded from an early mobile phone (maybe one where each number represented three letters) to a smart phone? Now, our phones have become such an enormous part of daily lives, we couldn't imagine going back to the old style cell phone or heaven forbid, a rotary phone.

So, how smart is your irrigation system?

Ever had your sprinklers come on in the rain? Or had your sprinkler water the driveway or sidewalk along with your lawn? Has the power gone out and the controller needed to be reset - yet again. You can avoid this unfortunate waste of water by installing a Hunter controller from Nutri-Lawn Ottawa in ground irrigation systems or upgrading to smart components to an existing system. Our inground irrigation systems automatically adjust for weather and soil conditions so your lawn is never overwatered again! Our systems come equipped with non-volatile memory, so even if the power goes out, your controller won't need to be reprogrammed.

Remove The Guesswork

Sprinkler and irrigations systems with simple timers turn on and off by the clock. You could tell the system how much water to deliver and when to deliver it. That was a definite upgrade from standing on your lawn with a hose, but those systems couldn't account for recent rainfall, or evaporation rates from wind or air temperatures. There was still a lot of guesswork involved.

When you install a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa inground irrigation system, optional smart components can account for different plant types, measure wind speeds, air temperature, soil moisture and calculate evapotranspiration rates by zones in your landscape. So, the trees never suffer and the lawn isn't overwatered. There's no more guesswork involved and no more overwatering.

Adjusts For Weather

The weather can be unpredictable in Ottawa, but most of the time there's advanced warning so some optional components include technology that not only measures actual onsite weather conditions and adjusts accordingly, but can also plan for forecasted weather events that will affect or contribute to the amount of water consumed by your lawn (will shut off when rain or freezing conditions are forecasted) without the added cost of weather subscription fees. For instance, if a heatwave is forecasted, the system will initiate preventive watering so your lawn endures less stress. This will result in water savings and eliminate wasted water.

Custom Design

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa offers a free design consultation with our trained professionals so that your inground irrigation system is customized for your landscape. Our systems come equipped with zones to meet the watering needs of specific plants. Whether you have a large or small yard, or a yard with an odd angle, we can customize the design to see optimal results from your landscape.

These systems are designed to use as little water as possible while maintaining a healthy green lawn and landscape. There's no more guesswork! And there's no more overwatering because of weather or seasonal changes either.

Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa Irrigation today to find out what a custom irrigation system can do for your lawn! We are happy to help!