Become a Lawn Care Environmental Steward

What would you say if we told you that your green thumb could lead to less watering, less fertilizing, and less mowing of your Ottawa lawn? Would that be enough to encourage you to become a more engaged environmental steward? Of course it would! Less Ottawa lawn irrigation and maintenance work means more time to enjoy your yard this summer. That's why our lawn care and sprinkler system experts are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to help you better manage your lawn care needs in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner.

Lawns and the Environment
In the U.S. alone, there is an estimated 31 million acres of grass. That's enough lawn to cover all of the New England states! What's more, roughly 80 percent of that grass cover is found on residential lawns just like yours. This just goes to show you how important green lawn care and Ottawa lawn irrigation practices are. As a homeowner and lawn lover, you're automatically responsible for environmental stewardship in your neighbourhood.

As your partner in lawn preservation, the experts here are Nutri-Lawn have made it a priority to provide our clients with tons of D.IY. Ottawa lawn irrigation and maintenance advice. Granted, some services require professional attention (we don't recommend that you try and install your Ottawa lawn irrigation system on your own, after all!), however, there are many other lawn care practices that can be carried out by the average homeowner week in and week out.

Here are a few lawn care tips to help you start your journey down the road of environmental stewardship.

Water Wonderful
Watering your lawn with an Ottawa lawn irrigation system is one of the best ways to not only improve the health of your lawn, but to also ensure a balanced ecosystem on your property. This is because watering your lawn regularly and deeply will ensure that any Ottawa lawn care treatments are working properly, and that your lawn has every opportunity necessary to soak up the proper nutrients. With that being said, remember not to drown your lawn with too much water. Regular rainfall, when coupled with an inch or so a week from your residential Ottawa lawn irrigation system should be enough to keep your property nice and hydrated. That means scheduling your Ottawa lawn irrigation system to come on for roughly and hour every third day.

Managing Your Mower
Improve the overall health of your lawn naturally with the help of a mulching lawn mower. A mulching lawn mower makes every clipping count towards the maintenance of your lawn, thanks to a special grinding function that chews leaves and clippings into a topdressing-like mulch. When left on your lawn, these clippings help reintroduce important nutrients and minerals back into your soil. Think of it as a natural fertilizer for your Ottawa property. When combined with regular Ottawa lawn irrigation treatments, these clippings will help naturally enhance your yard's lustre and vitality at the same time reducing your reliance on man-made fertilizers.

Fertilizer Refresh
Speaking of fertilizers – did you know that phosphorus-heavy residential runoff plays a critical role in the development of harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie? Phosphorus, while abundant in most soil types, is often added to fertilizers in order to improve performance. As a consumer, it's important that you consider the types of fertilizers, and the effects they have on your local environment, when scheduling your lawn care services. Talk with one of our Ottawa lawn irrigation experts today to better understand your treatment options.

The Truth About Trees
When it comes to keeping your lawn hydrated, you might be surprised to know that trees are your Ottawa lawn irrigation's biggest ally. Trees, especially those that are native to the area, help hold moisture in the soil, effectively preventing erosion and improving soil health. So go ahead – hug a tree today and thank it for keeping your lawn looking lovely!

Improve your environment and save money on your Ottawa lawn irrigation and maintenance services with a little help from Nutri-Lawn. Contact our Ottawa lawn irrigation offices today for more information on our lawn maintenance services and products.