Why Install a Lawn Sprinkler System?

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is a complicated job for even the most adventurous do-it-yourselfer. Digging, tunneling, and choosing the right materials is hard enough. Making it all work without wasting water or damaging your property can be a nightmare.

Nutri-Lawn Ottawa specializes in both residential and commercial sprinkler installations ensuring a safe and efficient automatic sprinkler system on your property.

Nutri-Lawn's experienced professionals will do the job right. We will professionally design a system that will add value and provide effective coverage for your entire property, making sure your lawn and gardens receive optimal water for healthy growth.

Sprinkler systems make it easy to care for your lawn
A sprinkler system will take care of your landscape's water requirements automatically, leaving you with more time to sit back and enjoy your beautiful lawn at the end of a busy work day. Sprinkler systems ensure that your lawn is watered consistently and effectively. No part of your lawn will receive too much or too little water.
Timers will ensure that your lawn still receives the correct amount of water even if you are away for a week.

Save money
A sprinkler system can water your lawn at night while you sleep so very little water evaporates and your lawn can benefit from deep watering.

You can also reduce your water utility bills with a wireless Rain Sensor. The Rain Sensor will automatically suspend operation of the system when it's raining.

Conserve water
Your sprinkler system will be designed and programmed with water conservation in mind. Each zone is designed and programmed to deliver the optimal water requirements according to plant type (lawn or garden beds) based on agronomic principles to keep plants healthy.

Increase property value
A lush, healthy landscape of trees, shrubs and vibrant flowering plants accenting a rich carpet of healthy lawn is a standout in any neighborhood. Increase your curb appeal through landscaping and add value to your home.

Take the hassle out of sprinkler system maintenance
Nutri-Lawn offers a full service division that specializes in Service and Maintenance. Nutri-Lawn's experienced professionals handle all major professional irrigation brands and specialize with the parts and equipment required to make system repairs, adjustments, and upgrades to make sure your system is running as efficiently as possible.

If you are committed to your property and your lawn a sprinkler system is a great investment. Speaking to Nutri-Lawn Ottawa is a good place to start - a quick phone conversation can help you choose the right sprinkler system for your needs.  Call us today 613-699-0768.