Curb Appeal and Ottawa Sprinkler Systems: Just What Do they Have in Common?

People always want to squeeze a few extra dollars out of the resale of their home. In order to do this, most people will focus on sprucing up the inside of their home however, it’s important to note that outside curb appeal is just as important as a home’s interior.  The easiest way to increase the curb appeal of your Ottawa home? Invest in some exceptional landscaping.  Installing Ottawa sprinkler systems will not only make the exterior of your home pristine and lush, but an inground irrigation system is an additional bonus for potential buyers.  Here are some easy ways to use landscaping to bring the value of your home up when it’s selling time.

Don’t Skimp on Plants
According to Landscape Ontario, mature trees can add $1000 to $5000 to a home’s value.  So before you bring out the chainsaw in order to open up your yard, think twice.  In fact, when it comes to plants, don’t subtract.  Add.  The money you invest in landscaping has a huge recovery value.

Of course, you can add plants, but you need to care for them.  While you’re in the process of selling and relocating, you have enough stress on your shoulders.  Instead of taking the time to water everything, use our Ottawa sprinkler systems to do the heavy lifting for you. 

Do Keep Up With Your Upkeep
Our Ottawa irrigation systems can keep your yard watered, but unfortunately it can’t maintain your yard for you.  (Yet. We’re working on that.)  So in the meantime, you’ll need to continue your good lawn care practices.  This includes:

  • Dethatch the lawn in the spring either by raking or booking a power raking session with Nutri-Lawn.  This allows nutrients to get to your lawn and brightens the look of your grass.
  • Remove any dead shrub branches in the spring. 
  • Add some (non-coloured) mulch around the shrubs.  This will give them a fresh look.
  • Weed.  Incessantly. 
  • Avoid hanging baskets.  They’re nice initially, but by July, they start to sag.
  • Clean all pavers and pavement in your yard meticulously. 
  • For any planted flowers, deadhead, deadhead, deadhead.  You can’t do this enough. 
  • Have your Ottawa sprinkler systems water your lawn consistently and deeply for best results. 
  • If you have any water gardens, you need to clean them religiously and ensure the pumps work.  Also, put as much oxygenators into the pond as necessary to get the water clear. 

Go In for the Kill
Now that your yard is well maintained, it’s time to go in for the ultimate “wow” factor.  This isn’t one step, but a bunch of little steps that can add up to one impressive exterior:

  • Edge your flowerbeds and lawn. 
  • Have Nutri-Lawn overseed the lawn to ensure it’s thick and lush. 
  • Fill any bare spaces with annual plants and plant them close together.  Then feed and water them all summer to ensure they’re healthy and big come show time. 
  • If you have roses, keep them trimmed and pruned to avoid dead branches or any dying blossoms.  If you plan on planting them, only plant the fragrant ones.

When it comes to selling your home, you want to make all the right impressions and your exterior is going to be a buyer’s first impression.  So take the time to ensure your yard is in impeccable condition – you will reap the rewards in terms of resale value.  And don’t forget to contact Nutri-Lawn to find out more about our Ottawa sprinkler systems or any other landscaping service.