Stop the Spread of Fungus in Your Ottawa Lawn

Mushrooms, toadstools, mold – it doesn't matter what you call it, fungus can certainly cause problems in your Ottawa lawn. From sporadic growths to colossal colonies, fungus can make a mess of your yard, especially if you let it get out of hand. If your lawn has more mushrooms than mud, don't delay – contact a Nutri-Lawn Ottawa irrigation specialist today for professional advice.

Getting to the Root of the Matter
Most fungus infestations are caused by moisture. As such, fungal outbreaks normally happen after periods of heavy rainfall or increased irrigation. If you currently run your Ottawa lawn irrigation system on a regular basis, you could be causing your lawn more harm than good. Improper irrigation will increase the amount of dead and decaying matter in your lawn, creating ample food for famish fungi to feast upon. So the next time you notice some toadstools popping up on your property, turn back you Ottawa lawn irrigation sprinklers. Giving your lawn a little time to dry out should help contain the fungal spread.

Common Grass Fungi to Watch For
Ottawa is known for a number of common fungi, including two specific types: Rhizoctinia and Sclerotium. These two forms alone are responsible for causing a wide range of lawn care problems, including root lesions and unsightly brown patches. Another common fungal problem to watch out for is Fairy Rings. This fungus is characterized by a ring-shaped mushroom growth on the earth's surface. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Most of the fungal growth actually occurs beneath the soil's surface in the form of mycelia. Over time, these mycelia deplete the soil of vital nutrients, causing the grass to wilt and die. By the time you notice a problem and get around to contacting your Ottawa lawn irrigation specialists, the damage is done and your soil is invested with deadly spores.

Treatment Options
If fairy rings are taking over your lawn, don't despair just yet. Nutri-Lawn's lawn sprinkler technicians have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to handling this common lawn fungus. First, book a core aeration treatment. Keeping the soil open will allow increased water penetration and avoid the pooling of unnecessary water. One you've aerated the soil, consider adding a nutrient-rich top dressing to help improve the overall health of your soil.  It's important that you spread this top dressing evenly throughout your lawn – leaving too much in one spot could actually increase your fungal growth rather than treat it.

Remember: Leaving fairy rings untreated is a recipe for disaster. In fact, failure to treat this common lawn irrigation issue could force you to dig out your entire lawn! Talk about an expensive fix!

Other Fungal Problems Worth Paying Attention To

  • Pythium Blight: This fungus tends to thrive during hot and humid Ottawa summers. Brought on by improper irrigation, Pythium blight causes a white, cotton candy like coating to cover your grass. To avoid this common problem, simply remember to turn on your Ottawa lawn irrigation system during the early morning. Leaving moisture on your Ottawa lawn overnight will only contribute to your fungal problems.
  • Powdery Mildew: Powdery mildew targets ornamental plants, especially rose bushes. Efficient gardening is the only way to curtail the spread of this filmy fungus. If you notice powdery mildew starting to spread throughout your garden, don't delay. Contact a Nutri-Lawn lawn irrigation technician today for professional assistance.

Protect your lawn from the harmful effects of fungus. Contact Nutri-Lawn's Ottawa irrigation service today for more information on environmentally friendly fungal treatments.