Understanding Ontario's Pesticide Ban

Put into effect April 22 of 2009, the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide Ban details 82 pesticide ingredients (including Glyphosate and Glufosinate) as prohibited resulting in the ban of over 250 products containing such chemicals. Some domestic products, such as insect sprays, weed killer and fungicides that could once be used to beautify any lawn, have been restricted to manufacturing purposes or banned all together in hopes of improving public health.

Over the past few years, Nutri-Lawn has taken note of the many questions concerning the ban discussed . Our lawn irrigation department has also adapted in order to provide eco-friendly lawn irrigation systems and maintenance services.

How to Classify Cosmetic Pesticides

The definition of "cosmetic pesticide" has traditionally been detailed to include pest control products that are used to better the appearance/aesthetics of your Ottawa property, however; the Government of Ontario has gone on to unofficially classify cosmetic pesticides as any pest control products used by the professional lawn care industry that it deems as unnecessary.

John Gerretsen from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment contends such use of pesticides as an avoidable risk, prioritizing support for the funding of low-risk pesticides in Ottawa lawn care and that of surrounding areas in order to maintain healthier families and a safer overall environment.

What Are The Exceptions?
While the ban remains for homeowners who are advised to use natural methods to care for their lawns, such as plucking weeds by hand and implementing an ecologically safe and efficient lawn irrigation system, he Ontario Government has outlined some exceptions to the rule for:

  • Controlling West Nile Virus, poison ivy, wasps and other stinging insect
  •  Agriculture and Forestry Industry
  • Indoor house plants
  • Golf courses
  • Sports fields
  • Specialty turf
  • Public works

What About Weeds?
The industry must still uphold the three foundations for professional lawn care that are required to satisfy the lawn care customer: they must strive to provide a full lawn, a green lawn and a weed-free lawn. These expectations must now be met with eco-friendly Ottawa lawn care services and lawn irrigation systems. Nutri-Lawn's Fiesta weed control has been introduced as a safe lawn care option that will build your lawn through the use of iron, a naturally produced  element, to kill weeds. Nutri-Lawn's lawn irrigation systems are also a green option to efficiently grow a healthy and chemical free lawn.

What Can the Home Owner Do?
The use of professional, efficient and eco-friendly lawn care has become more necessary than ever in order to maintain a healthy, environmentally friendly lawn . It is by incorporating proficient lawn irrigation systems, seeding and fertilizing techniques that Nutri-Lawn is able to promote green Ottawa lawn care. Two effective and affordable lawn plans offered by Nutri-Lawn, Hybrid NL and Fiesta 11 NL, provide ecologically friendly care including fertilization, an Ottawa customized blend, weed control guarantee, and inspections/monitoring in order to keep your lawn healthy despite the Ontario Cosmetic Pesticide ban.

In addition to eco-friendly professional lawn assistance, Nutri-Lawn reminds the everyday they can contribute to the vitality of their lawn without pesticides by watering wisely, plucking weeds by hand, and mowing their lawns regularly. 

If maintaining a green yard has proved challenging for you since the ban of many conventional pesticides, contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa's Irrigation Department for more information on lawn care services or to receive a complimentary quote.