How Much Fertilizer Does My Lawn Need?

Who doesn't want a healthy, green lawn for the summer?  Fertilization accompanied by a sturdy routine of inground irrigation will get your Ottawa lawn looking like the Emerald City.  But many homeowners aren't sure how of these treatments is too much and how much just isn't enough.  If you're feeling stumped for lawn care this year, read on to find out what you can do to get the lawn you want.

The Fertilization Period
It's best to fertilize right when everything is in bloom and ready for the summer.  Around mid-May is a good time, and not generally earlier than that to avoid damage to new grass from late April frost.  Mid-May also ensures your lawn is fed and nourished for the upcoming heats and insect infestations throughout summer, which may work to try to suck the life right from your grass.

Following the first fertilization, you should fertilize again about two more times.  These are generally done with a six-week gap between each application of fertilizer.  If you hire Nutri-Lawn, this will be taken care of for you so you never have to worry about applying too much or too little fertilizer to your precious lawn. 

Nutri-Lawn offers the best fertilization services and inground irrigation installations in Ottawa for all your lawn care needs.

How Much Fertilizer Should You Use?
This is another thing that Nutri-Lawn can take care of if you hire us.  However, if you want to fertilize on your own, or if you're just interested to know, your lawn needs about 2 – 2.5 kg of fertilizer for every 100 square meters of grass. 

One tip from the pros is to apply the fertilizer in a horizontal, then vertical direction on your lawn.  In other words, figure out how much fertilizer it will take to completely treat your lawn.  Then divide that in half, and apply half of it across your lawn going east to west.  Then apply the rest to your lawn going north to south.  This will ensure that every square of grass is given the proper treatment it needs in an even application.

Accompanying Fertilization with Inground Irrigation in Ottawa
If you want to make sure that your application doesn't go to waste, you'll want to set up a proper watering routine that will treat your lawn the way it deserves to be treated.  Nutri-Lawn can help you set up an inground irrigation system that is properly adjusted to your lawn's needs.  This involves the most efficient and conservative system possible, and one that will adjust to the weather surrounding your property.

Proper watering is just as important as fertilization because it produces strong, deep roots.  The healthier your roots are, the less vulnerable they will be to diseases and bug infestations.  Fertilization alone is not enough to ensure the health of your grass's roots, though it is an important aspect. 

Benefits of Fertilizing
One of the benefits of fertilizing has already been mentioned: healthy grass roots.  This means that your grass will absorb more water, in less time, allowing your lawn to dry quicker following a rainstorm.  Fertilizing means fewer mud puddles.

Fertilization also reduces weed growths.  This again goes back to healthy roots – the stronger your grass is, the less the weeds are able to take control.  Weeds can't grow where sturdy, strong, resilient grass is resisting an infestation.

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