Should You Install An Irrigation System?

The value of an irrigation or automatic sprinkler system depends on a variety of factors. How important is it to you to have a green lawn all summer? How important is it to you that your lawn is lush and soft, a vibrant carpet you can literally sink your toes into?

If this is important to you, then you're likely already out watering your lawn either with a hose or a small moveable sprinkler. Professionally installed irrigation and sprinkler systems save water and time, and take the guess work out of having a great lawn. Systems today have moisture sensors and rain sensors to know exactly how much additional moisture your lawn needs. They come equipped with timers so that your lawn is watered when the lawn is best able to absorb the moisture and reducing water lost to evaporation.

A programmed irrigation system will ensure a healthy lawn because your grass will never be underwatered (go brown and dormant) or overwatered (shallow roots that vulnerable to disease and weeds). You won't be watering your driveway in order to reach that odd angle or last patch of grass.

Inground Sprinkler Systems Mean Water Conservation

Eliminating overwatering means that water you're paying for doesn't end up in storm sewers because of excessive run off. No more forgetting the sprinkler or hose and leaving it on by accident. No more overwatering in one area and missing others so the lawn is watered evenly. Using zones when designing an irrigation system means your vegetable garden, flower garden, trees and shrubs, and your lawn only receive as much water as they need. It means the shaded parts of your lawn don't receive as much moisture as the parts of your lawn that receive full sun.

With Nutri Lawn Ottawa Inground Sprinkler Systems, the guess work is removed. No more wondering how much water the lawn received with last night's rain storm or how much it still needs. No more underwatering leaving your grass stressed and susceptible to drought and disease. Overwatering can cause your lawn stress as well and promote fungus and other problems to plague your lawn.

Irrigation systems are programmed at the beginning of the season so you can set it and forget about it. No more getting home from a long day at work and then pulling out the hose and watering the lawn. If you're already watering your lawn enough to make sure it's green all season, an inground irrigation system or installed sprinkler system will pay for itself in water savings over time. Hand watering is never more efficient than a programmed irrigation system. When properly maintained, the irrigation or sprinkler system will last for many years.

When deciding if investing in an home irrigation or sprinkler system, consider how important having a healthy green lawn is to you. If your lawn goes dormant and brown for several weeks every summer, you're missing out on enjoying your lawn during the height of the summer season. What feels better on a hot summer day than bare feet in cool grass?

Are you ready to simplify your life? Contact Nutri-Lawn Ottawa today to find out what a custom irrigation system can do for your lawn and your life!