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Installing an automatic sprinkler system is easier and more affordable then you might think. The latest line of Hunter automatic lawn sprinkler systems and controllers are designed to provide homeowners with efficient watering programs, all while cutting your water usage and decreasing your month utilities bills. Designed with advanced realtime weather sensing technology, these Hunter automatic sprinkler systems are the perfect grass irrigation system for any Ottawa property.



Solar-Sync Technology

Get in Sync With the Sun

Hunter's Solar-Sync technology is designed to automatically adjust your controller watering based upon changes in the local climate. When connected to a Hunter Pro-C ICC controller or inside the new Hunter PCC controller, the Solar-Sync system has the ability to measure onsite weather conditions including solar and temperature readings. This data is used to determine evapotranspiration (ET) rates, which are critical to understanding the moisture needs of your lawn and setting the proper watering schedule for your property. Every Hunter Solar-Sync system comes complete with a Hunter Rain-Clik and Freeze-Clik sensor that will automatically shut down your grass irrigation system when rain and/or freezing conditions are forecast.


Easy Installation and Immediate Results

The Solar-Sync automatic sprinkler system controller is programmed like any other Hunter controller simply input the run times that you would normally set for a peak summer watering season. The Solar-Sync program is designed to automatically adjust the run times on a daily basis in order to compliment naturally occurring precipitation. The Solar-Sync automatic sprinkler system controller also features a non-volatile memory that enables it to stay on schedule, even after a power outage has occurred.


ET System Offerings

Keep A Close Eye on the Climate The weather here in Ottawa can change quickly and often without any warning. Make sure your inground sprinkler system is capable of adjusting to these climatic fluctuations easily and efficiently with help from the Hunter ET System. This system collects weather data right on site, using ET Sensor technology and optional anemometer wind measuring tools. This impressive system is used to measure key climactic conditions that contribute to the rate at which water is consumed by your lawn. The ET System will then notify your Hunter inground sprinkler system to turn on only when water is actually needed.


Product Features

The Hunter ET System:


  • Calculates the evapotranspiration for your local climate without the added costs of weather subscription fees.
  • WiltGard technology provides an added layer of protection by enabling watering when extreme conditions threaten.
  • Can easily be added onto a preexisting Hunter controller for enhanced weather-based sprinkler system control
  • Features non-volatile memory.


The Hunter line of inground sprinkler system controllers and accessories are designed to help.

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