4 Watering Problems Fixed With Irrigation Systems

There are a few reasons that homeowners choose to install an irrigation system in their yards. Often the time required to water their lawns is something homeowners are hoping to reclaim. There can be a lot of guesswork involved in watering your lawn and our professionally installed sprinkler and inground irrigation systems come with the latest technology, so you'll never have to guess again.

Here are a few other common concerns homeowners have expressed to our irrigation experts.

Different Plant Types

Trees and shrubs, vegetable gardens, and flower gardens all have different watering requirements. To water one well, you overwater the other and vice versa. To fix this problem, our experts create zones in your yard and program our inground irrigation systems to regulate how much water these zones have received and water only when moisture is needed.

Not only do you no longer have to guess about when or how much to water, your plants will always look their best!

Odd Shaped And Small Yards

Many homeowners grow frustrated with the sprinklers bought at big box stores because they end up watering the sidewalk, driveway, or even the side of their homes. No one wants to waste water this way, especially when you're paying residential water rates. Our professional installed irrigation systems come with a range of sprinkler heads to ensure that water is delivered precisely where it's needed, and not wasted. Our professional grade sprinkler heads can also be adjusted for flow, so less water is delivered to allow compacted soil to absorb the water and avoid pooling.

Different Amounts Of Sun

If only part of your yard has direct sunlight all day and another part is shaded for part or most of the day, the watering needs of those two areas will be different. The soil will dry out more quickly with the intense and constant direct sunlight. You can't deliver the same amount of water to both areas, either the sunny area won't receive enough moisture, or the shady part of the lawn will receive too much. Again, our professionally installed systems are able to be installed in zones customized to the needs of that particular area of your property.

Wasting Water

Wasting water is easily done in the summer months when homeowners are trying to keep their lawns green. How do you know if your lawn has received enough water? Why does your sprinkler come on when it's raining? Nutri-Lawn Ottawa's Irrigation systems come equipped with rain sensors, so whether your lawn was completely watered by the recent rainfall, or only partly watered, the system will monitor how much moisture has reached the soil and compensate accordingly. You'll never look out the window on a rainy day and see your sprinklers watering your lawn again!

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